Monday, September 24, 2012

Importing a ####-Load of PST Files into Exchange

For a migration we needed to import a lot of PST files into the mailboxes of migrated users.. Since I am an IT guy, and therefor lazy, I created a script to do this.

This script creates a folder for each PST file with the name: "Import ()"

Prereqs for the script are:
* For each user with to be imported PST files create a folder with the first part of the emailadres (everything in front of the @-sign)
* add the PST files in the appropriate folder
* Edit the first two lines of the script to point to the share where the data resides, and the domainname with the @-Sign
* User must have the Import and Export management role assigned

# PST Import script.
# Bas Steelooper, XOBIT IT Services
# This script will import the PST files from a given location.
# The PST files must reside in a folder which is named as the part of the emailadres in front of the @-sign
# This script will import each folder one at a time and cleanup all the completed imports
# With the command Get-MailBoxImportRequest you can view all the failed import requests

# Configure the parameters. 
# $pstpath contains the share location where the PST Files are stored. ( The AD Computer account must have access to this location)
# $emaildomain contains the rest of the emailadres for all users
# $forceimport if $TRUE thePST-File will be forced imported, items which cannot be imported are skipped. Default is $FALSE
$pstpath = "\\<server>\<share>\UsersPSTData"
$emaildomain = ""
$forceimport = $TRUE

# Do not edit below this line

#Load the Exchange powershell Snap-IN
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010

get-ChildItem $pstpath | Foreach-object{ 

 $curuser = ""
 $curuser = $_
 $PSTFiles = get-ChildItem $pstpath\$curuser 
 $PSTFiles | Foreach-Object{ 
  if ($forceimport) {
   New-MailboxImportRequest -BatchName $curuser -BadItemLimit 200 -AcceptLargeDataLoss -Name $_ -MailBox $curuser$emaildomain -FilePath $pstpath\$curuser\$_ -TargetRootFolder "INBOX/Import ($_)"
  else {
   New-MailboxImportRequest -BatchName $curuser -Name $_ -MailBox $curuser$emaildomain -FilePath $pstpath\$curuser\$_ -TargetRootFolder "INBOX/Import ($_)"

 while ((Get-MailboxImportRequest -BatchName $curuser | Where {$_.Status -eq "Queued" -or $_.Status -eq "InProgress"}))
  sleep 60
 Get-MailboxImportRequest -BatchName $curuser | Where {$_.Status -eq "Completed"} | Remove-MailboxImportRequest -Confirm:$false;

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