Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Add HD Audio bus driver using txtsetup.sif

This shows how to add the HD Audio bus driver without PNP support in WinPE 2005. This is the recommended method for BDD 2007 since it doesn't require recompiling the WinPE image, and is a lot faster than using WinPE 2005 PNP support. But this also works for MDT 2008.

This example assumes that you have created an OSD deployment point and created the WinPE 2005 Generic Image by updating the Deployment Point. In the example my OSD Deployment point is on F:\OSD-XP

1. Request, download and extract the 888111 hotfix to c:\tmp
2. Copy the hdaudbus.sys file from c:\tmp\common files to F:\OSD-XP\Boot\Source\i386\system32\drivers
3. Modify the F:\OSD-XP\Boot\Source\i386\txtsetup.sif file using following info
a. In the [SCSI.LOAD] section add
hdaudbus = hdaudbus.sys,4
b. In the [HardwareIdsDatabase] section, add
PCI\CC_0403 = "hdaudbus" ( NOTE: Make sure that the " are correct )
4. Update OSD with the new WinPE structure (F:\OSD-XP\Boot\Source)
5. Create a new Zero Touch Installation CD

Source: For John - Don't mess with my audio drivers

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