Tuesday, July 7, 2009

$OEM$ Files when using SCCM and MDT

When deploying images with MDT in combination with SMS or just MDT you can place the $oem$ files in the MDT Distribution share. With SCCM this is not possible (or at least not working)
To find a solution for this I started searching the internet (just following my motto not to create anything I someone else has already shared this.
This search brought me to the site of Project84 mirror where they placed a script which did exactly what I wanted. The script simply copies the files which are placed in the MDT Settings Package $OEM$ folder (you have to create this folder)
This are the steps to perform to get this working (taken from the Project84 mirror website)
  1. Added my $OEM$ Files to my MDT Settings Package. (The one with unattend.txt, sysprep.inf and customsettings.ini)
  2. Add Z-CONFIG-CopyOEM.wsf to your MDT Source Files package. I've provided it below. (Remember to update DP)
  3. In your Task Sequence right before "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" add a new "Run Command Line" task.
  4. Set the Name to "Copy OEM Files".
  5. Set the Command Line to "cscript.exe "%deployroot%\scripts\Z-CONFIG-CopyOEM.wsf".
  6. Click the "Package" checkbox and select your MDT Settings Package.
  7. All Done!


  1. Hi

    Please Please send me the script you found in Project84. That link is no longer accessible.

    MY email is varma2004@gmail.com

    BTW... Good Luck at the FIFA WorldCUP Finals :)

  2. Hello VG,

    Added a mirror link with the script.


    Bas Steelooper

    PS. Thanks.. I am not in to soccer, but the rest of the country is..

  3. Thank You. Got your email with the SCript.

    Just wanted to confirm what is the syntax command line for script.

    "cscript.exe "%deployroot%\scripts\Z-CONFIG-CopyOEM.wsf"

    I believe there is either an extra " or missing "

  4. I am very sorry for too many posts but I am finding this one after another.

    In the above post you mentioned..
    2.Add Z-CONFIG-CopyOEM.wsf to your MDT Source Files package.

    Step 6 says
    6.Click the "Package" checkbox and select your MDT Settings Package

    Would like select MDT source files package or MDT settigns package.

  5. Dear VG,

    No problem about the many posts...

    The command must be: cscript.exe "%deployroot%\scripts\Z-CONFIG-CopyOEM.wsf"
    Without the first quote.

    Step 1 is to add the files to the MDT Settings package.
    Since the script is started from the deployroot this will work since the script sources are cached at deploytime but the Use MDT Toolkit package step.

    Hope this explains some.


    Bas Steelooper