Monday, December 14, 2009

71-693 - Promotion not found for the Netherlands :-(

Today we all could register for the 71-693 Exam. That is everyone with an SME profile. Disappointing it was that I set the alarmclock at 6 AM (12:00 EST) to register for the exam. Only to get the following message: Promotion not found. (In green as it must be a good thing???)
Contacted Microsoft but they didn't have a clue either... Than wait until 8 AM to call Prometric.
Prometric was very busy this morning so I was on hold for about 20 - 25 minutes before a Customer Service Representative could talk to me. But they were not able to help me with the registration :-( They escalated this, but for the moment with no result.
We have to wait until 12 PM or 1 PM before this can be resolved. And by then the slots will be full.

Helmer has also posted on his blog and several people have responded that they were unable to register.

I'll update this post if something changes.

Just phoned Prometric again. Escalation is started from Europe, but the escalation seems to be only an email message to Prometric in the United States. They will start to wake up (come into the office) around 2PM (14:00 CET) and start with a cup of coffee, talk about the weekend and then read the mails about this problem. And then start to fix it. This will probably take a few hours to investigate and fix so registration must be possible around 8PM (20:00 CET). I asked them what kind of escalation process this is, but they are bound by the rules which are created in the States.
There is nothing we can do but wait....

A colleague called me that the problem was resolved and yes I was able to register....
So where all the people who I know were stressing to register for the exam....

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