Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Exchange services

Today I was at a client which had an issue with their Exchange environment. They were installing updates and one of the Exchange servers was giving trouble after that.
When I logged on to the server I noticed that all services were disabled, and since I am lazy I scripted the recovery for this ;-)

I though I shared it with you. Maybe there can be a check before if the service is running or not, or if it is really disabled.. But mostly this is a quick fix for your Exchange environment.

get-service "msexcha*" | Set-Service -StartupType automatic
get-service HostControllerService | Set-Service -StartupType automatic
get-service wsbexchange | Set-Service -StartupType automatic
get-service FMS | Set-Service -StartupType automatic
get-service W3SVC | Set-Service -StartupType automatic
get-service IISADMIN | Set-Service -StartupType automatic
get-service pla | set-service -startuptype automatic
get-service RemoteRegistry | set-service -startuptype automatic
get-service SearchExchangeTracing | Set-Service -StartupType automatic
get-service "MSExchangeImap4" | set-service -StartupType manual
get-service "MSExchangeImap4BE" | set-service -StartupType manual
get-service "MSExchangePop3" | set-service -StartupType manual
get-service "MSExchangePop3BE" | set-service -StartupType manual

get-service HostControllerService | start-service
get-service FMS | start-service
get-service "msexcha*" -StartupType automatic | start-service
get-service wsbexchange | start-service
get-service W3SVC | start-service
get-service WinRM | start-service
get-service pla | start-service
get-service RemoteRegistry | start-service
get-service IISADMIN | start-service
get-service SearchExchangeTracing  | start-service

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