Monday, August 11, 2014

How to operate a secure Synology system...

With the current hype around the outbreak of #SynoLocker, a ransomware virus which encrypts all your files and only allows decryption after paying a ransom fee ($400), it is nice to have your Synology protected as good as possible to minimize the attack vectors (ways people can compromise the security) to a minimum without loosing any end-user usability and ease.

In the different forums you find the following advices:
* Disable the default Admin Account
* Change the default ports on the services
* Use SSL
* Don't use 3rd party applications
* etc.

Below I will describe what is in my opinion a good way to protect your Synology for attacks. I will be using 3rd party applications from the SynoCommunity repository.
Starting point is an up to date Synology system and you are logged on as an Admin user (Admin or a different user with admin-rights)

Below are the links to a series of posts to secure your Synology:
1. Make sure your synology is up to date
2. Publish the applications through HAProxy
3. More to come..

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