Thursday, June 5, 2014

Apple OSX 10.10 Yosemite sluggish and unresponsive or snappy as expected??

Last week Apple presented Mac OSX 10.10 Code name Yosemite. Now with better integration with your phone and ipad.... Off course I have to try this so I installed iOS 8 on my Phone(s) and OSX 10.10 on my Mac.

And then the troubles began... Not on the phone but on my Mac. It was unresponsive, memory hogging and throughout terrible. I even considered reverting back to OSX 10.9 Mavericks.
But I am not a quitter so the search for a solution started...

There is a side note that there is a NDA on OSX 10.10 and therefor there is little found on the internet about it and the problems which are found..

When I started looking at the resource usage I couldn't find anything off other than that kernel_task was using a lot of memory, but other than that nothing wrong... But whenever I switch between applications the screen froze and a colourful skippybal came in place of my cursor.. Since I have a lot of tweaks installed, I instantly started blaming them, and cleaned them away from my system.. But it didn't solve anything...

Maybe it where the add-ins I am using such as dropbox and bitcasa.. so deleted those. Still no response from my system..
In the meantime a forum was started for Yosemite where people started sharing their problems. On that forum someone shared that he had an unresponsive system and no sound. I had sound, but still worth a look. ( In this thread it was suggested to remove a driver from a third-party add-on.
I checked if I had the same driver on my system, but no such luck.

Off to more digging into this issue, but still no luck in finding something. resetting the SMC and PRAM both didn't help and all other suggestions found on the internet for versions since 10.5

At that time I started looking at all open processes and applications. All tweaks where already removed but legitimate application such as VMWare Fusion, Parallels and Microsoft where still on my machine. Only one application was still running and that was Parallels Access. I had never used it and had always thought it part of parallels itself.
So I searched for problems between Yosemite and Parallels Access. But couldn't find any. I did find a post that it is an agent which allows you to use your iPad to control the Mac ( Since it is not something I use, and I was in a PenTesting class where we just learned not to have anything installed you are not using since that might get attacked, I decided to uninstall the agent. In the link in the post was a link to a knowledge base article from Parallels in how to remove it ( in which they have a script (Parallels Access Uninstall script) to remove the software. Just sudo run the script from terminal and it is gone...

One reboot later my system was responsive, snappy and nice to work with again..

I am not going to share any details and screenshots just yet, but I like that I can answer SMS texts on my laptop now :)


  1. This worked GREAT!!! It not only fixed the issue with the responsiveness, but also fixed issues with time machine back up and creative cloud. Thanks for the great post.

  2. perfect...worked like a charm...thank you :)