Monday, August 11, 2014

Synology : Make sure it is up to date and you are informed of updates.

My first in a series is the advice to make sure your system is always up to date. The press release of Synology states that the current versions of the software where NOT vulnerable for this virus. So first we make your system send you emails if there is an update for your Synology.

Click on the start button (Top Left corner) and open Control Panel

Open Notification

If you have information of sending emails through a SMTPServer (Mail Server) you can use the first tab (Email) to enter this information.

Be sure to test the configuration. 

If you don't have access to an email server to send the emails you can choose to use the Synology notification email server. you find this on the tab "Push Service"
Fill in your emailaddress, click Apply, after a few seconds a new button appears. Click on this button "send verification mail", open your email box and click on the verification link in this email.
Email notifications will now be send. 

In the "Advanced" tab you can select which notifications you want to receive. I have selected all notifications

In the left menu go to "Update & Restore", in the page click on the button "Update Settings" and make sure that the system is checking for New and All updates and that the checkbox is checked to check and download these updates.

Next close all the open pages, and open the Package Center

When the Package Center opens click on the Settings button

Make sure both options are selected on the General Tab

On the tab Auto Update you can choose to Auto Update the Synology Packages

Now you will receive emails if there are updates available for your Synology System or applications.

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